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I draw from both what inspires me to what I like things to be! Case in point:some random happy thoughts vs images that remind me of certain emotions...


Part of me wonders what class allowed this visual escape. The rest of me ponders what will come of it in the artist free time in the co...

Colorful and cute! At first glance it is a stunning contrast in the two main colors. Between the layers and shapes is visually soothing...

Although I understand the title of the piece I can't help but feel a little cheated as thr body was not displayed. As it is it looks li...

It really is a shame that such an image has to be on a math page. But perhaps this would work to the imaginations advantage if you coul...


Yule Be In My Heart Jacky
From the Darkwing Duck story "ToyWithMe" featuring QuackerJack and his girlfriend Claire.
It's complicated.
Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah & Joy filled Kwanzaa 
An Enamored Apprentice, Always!
In memory of magic shared, taught and lost but also the Half Blood Prince's birthday on February 9th.
Please view and review!
Always and Toujours and Night and Day
For those who don't speak French, Toujours means "forever".
And for them in our hearts as well as memories of those who have been.
It was important to give m'lord space. 
That is - time to do what he needed to do.
That much Haruhi knew for certain.
Yet even when making peace with her past at Ouran; she had to distance herself to not take too much at once...
What strength it took to hold on as long as she did.
Having enough remaining strength to be able to let go.
Just knowing he was busy was an odd comfort but she believed in him. 
The kiss from that night lingered; she could just taste it like a secret from He'd call when he could.
Perhaps more.
The idea was laughable.
Of course the commoner idea of congratulations could - would be expressed beyond a folded piece of cardboard!
Especially when blank.
Since that's when one's own thoughts had to be written.
Finding a card with two lightning bugs, reminded her of summer and the bittersweet nostalgia of the school year...
Stop it, she scolded herself. Just write something...</i>
Putting the card in his paper lunch - combination economical and *commoner* -
When she felt his arms around her.
"Thank you, for letting me love you."
She nodded wordlessly.
Turning and sharing a kiss.
Warm as a pumpkins glow but as bright as a summer, cloudless sky.
Truly paradise.
But a pair of hearts together.
Jadored Toujours_an OHSHC short
In honor of lost friends, family and those still sharing thier light.
Thank you Spring/Summmer, welcome Autumn and beyond!
There is tale of Hesparo a *stellar* king,
who built his castle to see the stars.
But was it such a necessary act...
for one - as he - to look upon thars?

But constillstions are to guide some
and for others to weave within dreams.
Just as these words to comfort us when
we feel are near apart at the seams.
Goodbye Gene Wilder
Goodbye, Adieu. Aufwiedersehen. Gesundheit. Farewell


Caroline O Park
United States
Creative, sweet & used to be a resident of NOLA but even with all the rain and snow of the NorthWest - still find ways to have fun & pass the time ;)

Favourite genre of music: love songs :)
Favourite cartoon character: Daffy/Donald Duck
Personal Quote: Live, Love & Laugh
 This was for an artistic prompt - how could something so "wrong" be so "right"? Its a matter of perception. This is partially what draws me to DA
Jack Frost and Elisa by IntroducingEmy 
Dreams, fantasy - whatever you call it - it's calming yet restorative. This may only be within the realm of that *universe* yet could have happened..
Math Motivation by HeartToBeBroken Poor Kyle.
What's life without some frustration? If we didn't vent once in awhile we'd surely explode. Even with the aid of magic.

 Wow... this reminds me to review my fan fiction. Do NOT want to make any of these mistakes!

Scarletquill and Snape by UnidentifiedGhost And through it all its what we do. Love our charecters, our writing, our visuals. DA brings us all together one submission at a time.
By most standards - I'm pretty new.
Still finding my voice in my writing and visual style. Through DA I've broken my "shyness" in displaying my work and built up confidence to continue.
I've even made a few *friends* in my watchers.
Thanks DA and many, many happy returns!
Have a llama  ;)



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