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As part of the incredible, glorious return of the Ouran Host Club a middle of Fall event was wonderfully underway.
Medieval Festivals are nothing new.
Yet the commoner aspect, which would make them enjoyable to those within a larger spectrum...
Of course Tamaki was king.
The king.
Haruhi was offered the no-one-would-object as official Queen it was decided and played to the drama of the event; which lucky maiden would beheld that position until the coronation banquet.
At least she had finally "come out" as female.
And Hunny was altogether too happy to be reassigned his former role - now in a too cute harlequin attire.
Which may have explained Mori's outfit.
Back to Fujioka however...
She actually didn't mind the dress.
It was an emerald green with a braided trim of violet and gold; including a matching strand for her hair.
The vast majority of events and booths could not have been gathered/aligned with any greater timing than
Except for one *minor* innacuracy.
The tunnel of love with its hidden tracks and outer decorations had cost a pretty penny.
But the making of Kyoya as the gaurd had cost a lot of resentment.
And true to his post Tamaki was asked - humbly requested - to make peace within the realm.
The Hitachiin twins were helping each other from the inky deaths of the moat.
Neither would - could - be able to look thier *esteemed* ruler in the eye.
Haruhi and his majesty approached the sentry.
The glint of mischief reflected in the Ohtori's heir's glasses.
Suoh cleared his throat.
"What's the problem here then, mother?" perhaps hoping the familiar, term of endearment, would soften the mood.
"Nothing a few extra brain cells of common sense couldn't fix - guess
that would leave you out."
About the same as using sandpaper as an aloe subsitute.
"Is there someone else up there we could talk to?"
"No, now go away or I shall tawnt you a second time."
Frustrated, Haruhi turned to leave, not indebted to the club meant she didn't have to put up with this...
But of course Tamaki tried to walk past like he owned - Wait!
"Stop! Who would cross the Bridge must answer these questions three, ere the other side he'll see."
Why did that almost sound familiar?
"Ask me your questions bridgekeeper. I am not afraid."
"What is your name?"
"Tamaki Suoh."
"What is your astrological sign?"
Oh for the love of -
These were the questions which waterlogged the upper crust?
"What is the speed of an unladen swallow?"
"On an northwestern overcast day or a southern bayou at twilight?"
Defeated Kyoya stepped aside as Tamaki helped Haruhi into the first swan-shaped boat.
"How did you do that?"
"Well you have to know these things when you're a king you know."
True there was a lot she didn't know.
And with a slice of humble pie, even Ohtori had a happy ending.
When he shared the first dance - and as a result a significant amount of his free time thereafter; with a generous with her words, ever-patient, multi-media specialist, Theresa Marie.
Some of you will recognize which *classic comedy* I borrowed some lines from. In fact, I'm more than 80% sure!
As part of a Trick or Treat exchange and gratitude to :icontmwillson3:
tmwillson3 Featured By Owner Nov 12, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Oh! Oh! Pick me! I know where it comes from!!! :D  :love:  Bahahahaha, YES!!!! :D  Clap  :happybounce:   Joy  :shuffelin:  :excited:
Monty Python references for the WIN!!! :D Oh, the epicness of this is not lost on me :D At first, I was all "Awww, look at the cuteness of Tamaki and Haruhi being rulers together", was hoping to hear how related Mori's outfit was, and then suddenly, there was a bridge, and there was taunting!!!! :D It seems it is now the English taunting the French :D If anyone was within a state of me, I'm pretty sure they heard me laughing at that "Bridge of Death" bit.  I just hope my roommate was awake, or else she was after that. :dance: 

Excuse me, but I am much to happy for my own good right now, and I have dancing to do ;-)  (THANKS!!! :love:  You are too good! :D )
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